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It has been translated into seven languages to date and will soon be a major international TV series from Gaumont. It expands the possibilities of the form. In , the New York Times declared Beloved the best work of American fiction of the previous twenty-five years. John and Andy are joined by Will Smith , the former stand-up comedian and now screenwriter and novelist. Books mentioned: G.

A second novel is in preparation. He also discovered and popularised the Toblorange. He is joined by Jo Waugh. Jo is a senior lecturer in nineteenth-century literature at York St John University. Carr ; 36 - Patrick Hamilton and 78 - Edith Wharton. He once claimed his favourite Beatle was Yoko. Book mentioned:. Most recently, she has worked with David Nott , the trauma surgeon whose book War Doctor is a a good deed in a naughty world and b seems to be doing quite well. She is joined by Lucy Scholes , a guest on two previous episodes one on the joys of Barbara Comyns and the other on Anita Brookner.

Rachael has previously appeared on the Charles Sprawson and D. Lawrence episodes of Backlisted. She is also married to John. Books mentioned:.

Hartley - The Go-Between J. In the s and s he toured and released albums with the bands Orlando and Fosca. He is currently balancing freelance arts journalism with researching for a PhD at Birkbeck, University of London.

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She is joined by Dr. Also in this episode, Andy overcomes his horror of football to praise J. Navy, which have not been widely reported. These effects, long buried in the Vietnam War archives, add credence to the severity of the storm: a nearly instantaneous, unintended detonation of dozens of sea mines south of Hai Phong, North Vietnam on 4 August This event occurred near the end of the Vietnam War.

We provide insight into the solar, geophysical, and military circumstances of this extraordinary situation. The first two ejecta generated two impulses in the geomagnetic field and a magnetic storm shortly after 01 UT on 4 August. Dayside radio blackouts at Earth developed within minutes Odintsova et al.

The sequence of propagating structures produced one of the largest galactic cosmic ray dropouts Forbush decreases of the space age Levy et al. Vaisberg and Zastenker and Cliver et al. Freed and Russell reported the transit time was an outlier, even for the family of the extreme events they studied. We believe the extraordinary speed of this event had a direct bearing on the events we discuss below.

The chain of events led to extraordinary effects, including a solar energetic particle SEP event that punished spacecraft solar panels, satellite detectors, and Earth's atmosphere.

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The flux peak also triggered the event mode data compression algorithm on the Vela neutron counter that was monitored in real time at Air Force Global Weather Central AFGWC for nuclear test ban verification. Smart, personal experience. These energetic proton fluxes produced a ground level event Kodama et al.

Levy et al. Lockwood and Hapgood note this as one of only a handful of events in the space age that would have posed an immediate threat to astronaut safety, had humans been in transit to the moon at the time. Reanalysis by Jiggens et al. The SEPs interacted with the Defense Meteorological Spacecraft Program satellite optical line scanner electronics, producing anomalous dots of light in the southern polar cap imagery A.

Lee Snyder, personal communication, Between and UT the postnoon magnetopause compressed to within 5.

Boy from the Country (Live at the Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA - August/September 1974)

Lockwood et al. Tsurutani et al. Medrano et al. The IP disturbances created geomagnetically induced current effects in North American power and communications lines.

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Albertson and Thorson listed numerous United States and Canadian power companies that reported minor to strong power issues on 4—5 August They show strong induced current disturbances as far south as the US states of Maryland and Ohio. According to Odenwald significant voltage swings and power disruptions were reported in northern tier U.

In Newfoundland, Canada, geomagnetically induced currents activated protective relays many times on 4—5 August. Anderson et al. The induced electric field of 7.

Jacob Wiebel

Love, personal communication, Giant magnetic pulsations rocked the magnetosphere. Odintsova et al. Hoffman et al. Lanzerotti argued that with the arrival of driver ejecta on 5 August, the IMF turned northward, thus cutting short the ring current development. Brace et al. Grafe et al.

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Auroral disturbances continued into 5 August with reports of intense midday red aurora in the dark Southern Hemisphere Akasofu, Tucked away in the history of the Vietnam War is a likely associated effect of the extraordinary 4 August IP disturbance: The sudden detonation of a large number of U. See Appendix for additional context. Tucker , Chap. Ultimately the Navy concluded that the explosions had been caused by the magnetic perturbations of solar storms, the most intense in more than two decades. Fraser, personal experience , various U. The Navy was clear that the detonations observed by aircrews were on 4 August and that magnetic field variations were the cause.

This is consistent with triggering information above. Aerial inspections revealed additional evidence of detonations elsewhere along the coast. The wartime memoirs of a U. For the U. Navy, dealing with the event was of utmost priority see Appendix. The Defense Meteorological Spacecraft Program and data were declassified in December , in part to encourage scientists to investigate storm time auroral imagery.

American Telephone and Telegraph reengineered its communications lines for more robust worldwide communication. In subsequent years satellites have been hardened against radiation.

Critical perspective

Power grids have been fortified and refortified. Satellite drag continues to receive attention. Since there has been significant progress in understanding of coronal mass ejections CMEs and their role in geomagnetic storms.