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There's something special about the summer when a Batman film comes out, especially if you happen to be a kid at the time. Batmania starts to spread and its impossible not to get involved. The old Batman TV show gets rerun on television, bookshops start displaying their graphic novels more prominently, fast food joints produce tie-in merchandise, and the windows of every toy shop are filled with images of Batman and his gallery of rogues.

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It's a shame Warner Bros is marketing The Dark Knight Rises as a "prestige" film instead of a blockbuster, because I'm not getting as much of a Batmania vibe this year. Little slow tonight, isn't it? There's some interesting food for thought in that article. It makes me want a licensed alternate cut of Batman Forever with the deleted footage restored.

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The theatrical cut doesn't do justice to the film's promise. I think Batman and Robin is beyond saving. But as Doc says, it's best to just enjoy it as a comedy. Even if you remove the sillier moments, I don't think it can work as a "serious" batfilm. Michael Gough did a great job given the script he had to work with, but his illness plot was handled poorly, even, I repeat, if you remove the silly action moments in between. If you try with clever editing and different music to make it more "serious", the result will be insufferable. Maybe Gordon's stupidity and uniform is one of the worst elements beyond the skysurfing and the batcard.

But as a comedy and a tribute to the 60s Batman?

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It rocks! As long as the campy version of Batman is kept separate from Burton, Nolan and the comics, I love it. To celebrate the 15th anniversary, I'm posting this recap that I always get a big laugh out of. Ah, I love this recap! I was 20 when Batman and Robin came out. I saw it with an ex-girlfriend, and while I didn't care for it as much as the other ones, I didn't immediately hate it, though I'd like to think I did.

Part of it was I wanted more Batman films, and since this one had such poor buzz I figured that the next one would have a darker tone.

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It didn't hold up for repeat viewing. I'm less offended by it now than in the past. With all the variations of the character available it's hard to be bitter about it still. My little kids get a kick out of it.

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It's bright and colorful and fun. Though, for balance, they also like Batman Returns. Default filter applied. Canada Only. North America.

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Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Batman co-creator Bob Kane poses with either Michael Keaton or one of Keaton's 80 stunt doubles from the movie. Judging from the sequence in which Batman and Vicki Vale escape from the Flugelheim Museum in the Batmobile , it looked like its top speed was 40 mph.

Batman's ride moved so slow it looked like Aunt Harriet was behind the wheel. Burton and Furst sit atop the Furst-designed Batmobile.

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  5. That's the first and last time we'll ever see a giant dildo in something published by Topps--unless the company does a series of cards for the Sex and the City sequel. The Batmobile apparently has a detachable penis.

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    The nerdiest of nerds still can't look at pictures of the Furst-designed Batcave like the ones on these two pages without getting riled up over Alfred letting Vicki step into the Batcave to see Bruce Wayne. That moment actually doesn't bother me as much as the revelation that a pre-Joker Jack Napier murdered Bruce's parents a last-minute script change that Batman co-screenwriter Sam Hamm hated and was unable to fight against or the sight of Batman, who has a strict code against killing in the comics, continually slaughtering the Joker's thugs like he's Rambo in a funny-looking gimp suit.

    Why wasn't it called the Batplane like in the comics? The Batwing sounds like something you find inside a box at Popeyes Bat and Biscuits.