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What drives it? How does globalization shape LED? How does decentralisation affect LED? How does competitiveness affect innovation?

Support to Economic Development at the Local Level in the Republic of Belarus

What are entrepreneurship and its dimensions? Why are value chains and clusters so important? What are some LED strategies? Your project How will I learn? In each week you will be able to access the content of the videos, suggested readings and additional videos for selective deepening.

Development Economics Update (2019) - Poverty Reduction in Low Income Countries

You will also find assignments that you have to complete if you want to earn a certificate for this MOOC. We will explore the main factors affecting local economic development, such as globalization, decentralisation, and competitiveness. We will discuss key components, like entrepreneurship and innovation and look into the organization of local economies into clusters, value chains and learning regions.

Social economy: rethinking our economy and social services -

We will conclude by deepening on some specific constructs that make local economies grow to benefit their communities. You will also contribute your ideas in the discussion forums, where you will learn from other participants around the world. What makes this course special?

There is plenty of information in Internet on local economic development, which is mostly prepared by international donors or multilateral organisations. So what does this course do differently? First of all, the course is offered by academics that have significant published research on local economic development.

This course gathers a wealth of academic knowledge that often fights the assumptions on what things are supposed to be like. Second, the instructors of this course have participated in dozens of capacity building projects in Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. Putting learning at the centre, they worked with communities, local governments, international donors and business associations.

So, the strategy of the development of the social economy in the regions is of high importance, especially in the times of crises or after it. There is no use developing the sectors of the economy which are not supported by the resources in the region. It is always more efficient to concentrate on the resources of the region in order to make them a competitive advantage of the region.

The Social Economy

The authorities should also analyse the social problems of the region and try to find the ways to solve them, which will also have a positive impact on the society. Main tasks and targets In order to be economically efficient and to develop at a high pace, the government and the regional authorities have to develop the strategy of the economic development basing on the changes they want to make in the regions.

Crisis and social economy The social economy becomes more important in the crisis and post-crisis periods, as in this period of time the quantity of unprotected inhabitants increases, the unemployment growth and special measures should be taken to help the people survive.

How to overcome the career blind alley and find new directions. The working group has established a working method which requires:.

International Perspectives on Economic Solidarity

Economic development is not an end in itself but one important means by which people strive to enhance their well-being. The task of economic development practitioners is to help to make this possible. This view of development has several important implications.

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Economic development is not only economic growth, important as that may be. To be developmental, it must be inclusive, providing supports and opportunities for those who are typically marginalized, particularly women, youth, indigenous people, ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities. Economic development must also be environmentally sustainable, ensuring that future generations have the same opportunities as those alive today.

And economic development must be informed by cultural policies that enhance the capacity of people to assign meaning and purpose to their participation in the social and economic life of their community. An overview of the characteristics of LED as it is practiced around the world shows that LRGs are the most aptly positioned agents to provide leadership and coordination of economic development in their communities. Definitions of LED vary, but all have these common elements:.