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Peregrine-- Northern Mediterranean Neolithic, T. Peregrine-- Perigordian, A. Pike-Tay-- Romano-British, S. Jones-- Roman Iron Age, S. Lucy-- Scandinavian Bronze Age, H. Thrane-- Scandinavian Iron Age, P. Peregrine-- Scandinavian Neolithic, P. Peregrine-- Scythian, P.

Peregrine-- Solutrean, L. Rowlett-- Western European Mesolithic, H. Murray-- Yamnaya, N.

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Browman-- Andean Regional States, T. Earle-- Aymara Kingdoms, C. Stanish-- Chavin, W. Church-- Chimu, J. Moore-- Coastal Andean Archaic, P. Peregrine-- Early Amazonian, A.

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Pozorski, T. Rick-- Early Parana-Pampean, P. Peregrine-- Highland Andean Formative, D. Browman-- Huari, P. Knobloch-- Inca, T. Bray-- Late Amazonian, A. Pozorski, Th. Kuznar-- Late Parana-Pampean, P. Orquera-- Moche, D. Arsenault-- Nasca, D. Dillehay-- Sambaqui, W. Hurt deceased -- South Andean Ceramic, P. Peregrine-- Tiahuanaco, P.

Goldstein-- Tupi, J. Central Mexico Classic-- G. Central Mexico Postlcassic-- D. Chiriqui-- F. Classic Maya-- R. Coahuilan-- S. Cocle-- R. Early Caribbean-- W. Early Chibcha-- J. Early Mesoamerican Archaic-- R.

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Early Highland Mesoamerican Preclassic-- P. Ecuadoran Highlands-- T. Gulf Coast Classic-- C. Highland Mesoamerican Archaic-- C. Huatabampo-- S. Berry, L. Late Caribbean-- J. Late Chibcha-- J.

Late Highland Mesoamerican Preclassic-- L. Lowland Mesoamerican Archaic-- H. Iceland, Th. Manteno-- K.

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Nicoya-- F. Olmec-- S. Paya-- P. Postclassic Maya-- R. Postclassic Southern Mexican Highlands-- G.

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Preclassic Maya-- P. Southern Mexican Highlands Classic-- R. Trincheras-- P. West Mexico Classic-- P. West Mexico Postclassic-- H. Acheulean-- S. Barut-Kusimba, F. Aterian-- A. Hawkins, M. Central African Neolithic-- H. Central African Iron Age-- H. Early Dynastic Egypt-- D. Early Khartoum-- F. East African Microlithic-- S.

East African Neolithic-- S. Khartoun Neolithic-- F.