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Numbers : We have a maximum of 50 ghosts per show. The participant to actor ratio is roughly There is over square feet of space to move around. Some scenes are open to large groups, some scenes are for small bunches, and a few scenes are for one spirit only.

Give up the ghost

Movement : You can move at your discretion among the scenes. Some scenes you can freely go to on your own, others you must be accompanied by a Shadow Guide. You are free to stand, sit, or move inside scenes to your comfort level. Some scenes are designed for participants to sit, relax and watch actors. You can stay in certain scenes the entire show or repeat a scene if it is not occupied by other ghosts if you like. Photography is allowed and encouraged outside the venue only. Before going inside, please turn your mobile devices to silent or off.

Dress code : comfortable walking shoes and clothing that does not restrict visibility or mobility highly recommended.

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What you do or do not do has a direct effect on the narrative, including the possibility that a scene may change for the entire show. There are no jump scares, gory imagery, sexual content nor nudity nor any religious under or over tones or messaging.

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In this dramatic year for the Baltic art scene, which will inflict the first private biennial in Riga, this could have been an opportunity to reject pandering to economic power. All the curators had their own responsibilities, and our multiplicity powered us further. The opening performances offered a glimpse of respite from the overbearing market complicity. Powerful pacts by Liv Wynter and Adam Christensen invigorated the entranceway to a packed, eager audience.

The performances exploded into the space hijacking the narrative of objects. Without making any solid claims the title can take on the opposite meaning. We are in a post-truth society so make what you want of it, the space is only a platform without solid ways forward — only a stage for the performance of identity clipped in to the chain of market relations that become the only real tether from one being to another.

The exhibition is a seductive spectacle for bourgeois entertainment.

The childish jolliness trudging along into the apocalypse is a perfect mirror of our oil-based plastic-loving society on the brink of ecological disaster and no future to build. The Triennial is poetic, it is beautiful, and it is dissident at the same time as being tragic, dystopian, and conformist; it holds up the mirror in the face of our society and its inability to change in such frightening times. The cadaver explodes leaving tongues on the ground and pieces of hair in toy cars.

So buckle your seatbelt, and enjoy the ride — while you can.

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Dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist. Courtesy the artist and New Galerie, Paris. Oil on canvas, 13 paintings.

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All works courtesy the artist and High Art, Paris. Courtesy the artist and Kraupa Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin.

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Courtesy the artist and hunt kastner, Prague. Courtesy Art Museum of Estonia.