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Once you have defined your audience, you can segment this audience into levels or sections for easier dissemination of your communications to ensure you are achieving your objectives. Your key messages underpin all the information you will deliver to your audiences. Selecting the key messages will help you share the right information that is critical for achieving your objectives.

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To understand the key messages you need to be delivering, it is important that you ask the following questions:. Once you know what you are hoping to achieve and who you are hoping to achieve that with, you should be clear on the types of information that need to go to each audience.

You may also need to clarify the information that should not be shared, even if you are a highly transparent organisation. In communicating with customers, it is best to research and choose their preferred method of receiving communications. Once you know what types of communication you will use, you then need to choose the tools and resources to deliver those methods.

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Communication is a two-way street so your plan needs to ensure the simplest and clearest ways of sharing information are covered and updated. A clear roll-out plan will help fulfill expectations of everyone involved. You may have 6 weeks to roll out the plan, or you may have 6 days. Obviously 6 weeks will allow you to do in-depth research and put together a more comprehensive plan, whereas 6 days might involve more assumptions and flesh out the key points. Once you know what you are communicating and who you are communicating it to, you will need to establish a time frame that you expect the information and messages should be delivered.

A simple calendar should do the trick. Gerwin, D , 'New product and service development in strategic alliances', in 21st century management: a reference handbook , SAGE Publications, Inc. II, viewed 21 September , doi: Charles Wankel. SAGE Knowledge. Have you created a personal profile?

Login or create a profile so that you can create alerts and save clips, playlists, and searches. Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the email feature. More and more companies are turning to strategic alliances for their new product and service development projects.

At the same time, these alliances have complex managerial problems such as controlling the leakage of technical knowledge, valuing the partner's contributions of technical knowledge, and coordinating joint activities. CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people. The main feature is encouraging the involvement of users in creating content which help the website to get clear contours of look. Users are allowed to use the application through a web browser which means that the web is defined as a platform through which users have control over the data contained on a page [ 6 , 7 ].

Developing technologies are important in order to achieve main features of Web 2. These technologies allow the front or the real view of web pages. The advantage of today's programming language HTML5 and CSS3 language is responsive design that allows the behaviour of content and customization for all mobile terminal devices.

The quality of service of HTML5 depends on the access network and Internet connection, while native app is independent. Developing and customizing with a native app must be done separately on each operating system, which may require additional development costs of services, while with HTML5, it is not necessary given that the same version is valid for all operating systems. Currently, present technologies can be divided into technologies of short and of longer range. Source: Refs.

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Technologies of connectivity and data processing are used in application of the CC concept in collecting data and providing relevant information to the end user. Data are obtained by reading the barcode with a manual or fixed barcode reader. Obtained data are saved and sent to the system as an instruction for certain changes to happen. QR code represents a significant development in the work with barcodes. QR code represents the picture in which it is possible to store information in the horizontal and vertical form opposed to the bar code which stores information only in vertical form.

QR code owns its name to the fact that it is possible to get to the stored data very quickly. QR codes can be used with smart mobile terminal device smartphone. The user of smart mobile terminal device scans the QR code with application solution containing a stored record, and receives the requested information. NFC is a technology by which one can perform contactless communication between devices, such as smart mobile devices and tablets. This type of communication allows the user to send the information or access the web and get the required information [ 11 ].

Except for payment, NFC technology is used to communicate and send data between two smart mobile devices. RFID is the term used for contactless identification through electromagnetic field or radio waves. An example of the use of RFID technology is a public transport of passengers where this kind of transportation payment is called the automatic fare collection AFC.

It can also be used to inform the mobile user of transport network [ 12 ].

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It is also greatly used in logistics; in warehouses, distribution centers and supermarkets. Bluetooth beacons are devices that transmit signal to the nearby Bluetooth devices. By pairing them with different, appropriate, application solutions specialized applications or classic web browser , they can be used for the delivery of requested information.

Bluetooth technology is used for wireless connection of equipment within the network and to transmit data by using radio transmission.

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The implementation of Bluetooth technology is achieved through a microchip which can achieve transfer within short range beacon has greater ranges than Bluetooth version 4. This microchip is built into devices which are to be connected e. Connection can also be achieved via universal serial bus universal serial bus, USB. Advantages of Bluetooth when compared to other technologies include low power consumption, simple use, acceptable price and low energy consumption. Because of these advantages, Bluetooth is applied in a growing number of information and communication solutions.

Today's mobile terminal devices usually contain mounted integrated circuit with Bluetooth version 4.

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This version of Bluetooth has developed because of the need to connect the device to the IoT environment. The effectiveness of Bluetooth and its low power consumption make it a quality selection for devices within IoT environment that have to work for longer period of time. BLE version has the ability to operate on different operating systems, whose applications have different connectivity options in the CC environment. It is most commonly used to provide wireless access to the Internet and for creation of wireless networks Eng.

Business models contain elements relevant to business of traffic information provider. Customer relationship management CRM system is an important component of any company in order to organize and automate sales, marketing and services and help manage all information regarding clients. CRM collects various data about the users of the system with multiple channels in order to obtain a better view of customer through his use of the system and communication with the service provider.

These are valuable data on the company's relationship with the customer over time from which one can learn the habits and preferences, and anticipate some steps to define personalized offers. Enterprise resource planning ERP system is a set of management tools in a company that balances supply and demand, and contains options for connecting buyers and suppliers in an integrated supply chain [ 16 ].

Web selling component of sales is based on Web 2. Model of service distribution provides specific models depending on the type of user legal or natural person. Nowadays, a large number of organizations recognize the Internet as the most important communication tool and probably the most important technological development in general. Information and communications technology ICT systems have a major impact on communication and their potential impact on the growth of business is globally recognized [ 18 ]. Electronic business is one of the most common concepts of sales channels.

It is possible to maintain multiple levels of control and responsibility for the management of IC infrastructure. For example, organizations can choose the management of the entire IC infrastructure, use the service of management of all systems and infrastructure provided by third parties outsourcing , or they can manage a part of the infrastructure within the organization and the rest of management leave to the third parties.

PCI DSS is a set of policies and procedures designed to optimize safety of card business and online money transactions. The establishment, maintenance and observance of the formal security policy at any time and by any entity. According to the PCI DSS standard, the establishment of network security is implemented by implementing a firewall between the web server and the unprotected public networks and between the web server and internal network containing application servers and database servers.