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Hove, UK: Psychology Press. Barbey, A.

Looking Deeper Into the Brain of "H.M.," Our Most Famous Amnesiac

Base-rate respect: From statistical formats to cognitive structures. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 30, Malt, B. For more than 30 years, renowned psychological scientist Elizabeth F.

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Loftus has contributed groundbreaking research to the fields of science, law, and academia. This book provides an opportunity for readers to become better acquainted with one of the most important psychologists of our time, as it celebrates her life and accomplishments. It is intended to be a working text-one that challenges, intrigues, and inspires all readers alike.

Do Justice and Let the Sky Fall collects research in theoretical and applied areas of human memory, provides an overview of the application of memory research to legal problems, and presents an introduction to the costs of doing controversial research. The first chapter gives a sketch of Loftus' career in her own words, and the remaining chapters color in that sketch.

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The final chapters of the book are more personal, and put a human face on a person who is held in such high esteem. This multipurpose volume is intended to serve as a valuable resource for established scientists, emerging scientists, graduate students, lawyers, and health professionals.

With the publication of this volume, Psychology Press and the American Psychological Society are launching jointly a series of festschrifts that honor the careers and contributions of distinguished psychological scientists. Psychological Clinical Science honors Richard M. McFall, a visionary psychological clinical scientist widely recognized for his unwavering advocacy for a science of clinical psychology and for the integration of clinical psychology with other subdisciplines of psychological science. In keeping with McFall's integrative approach, contributors include prominent clinical scientists, cognitive scientists, and neuroscientists.

Volume subsections focus on the historical and epistemological underpinnings of clinical science, the application of clinical science to topics of applied significance, model integrative research programs, and future directions for research, application, and training. The Foundations of Remembering presents a collection of essays written by top memory scholars in honor of Henry L.

Roediger III. The chapters were originally delivered as part of the "Roddyfest" conference held in March to celebrate Purdue University's awarding of an honorary doctor of letters to Roediger in recognition of his many contributions to the field of psychology. Authors were given a simple charge: choose your own topic, but place your work in historical context. Roediger is fascinated by the intellectual lineage of ideas, so addressing historical "foundations" seemed a fitting tribute.