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18. Itō Calculus

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Stochastic Differential Equation for Exponential Decay

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Stochastic Differential Equation for Exponential Decay: New in Mathematica 9

Monte Carlo methods are numerical methods, where random numbers are used to conduct a computational experiment. Numerical solution of stochastic differential equations can be viewed as a type of Monte Carlo calculation. Monte Carlo simulation is perchance the most common technique for propagating the incertitude in the various aspects of a system to the predicted performance. In Monte Carlo simulation, the entire system is simulated a large number of times.

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Each simulation is equally likely, referred to as a realization of the system. For each realization, all of the uncertain parameters are sampled. The Taylor formula plays a very significant role in numerical analysis.

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We can obtain the approximation of a sufficiently smooth function in a neighborhood of a given point to any desired order of accuracy with the Taylor formula. Enlarging the increments of smooth functions of Ito processes, it is beneficial to have a stochastic expansion formula with correspondent specialities to the deterministic Taylor formula. Such a stochastic Taylor formula has some possibilities. Substituting Eqs. Therefore, we obtained the Ito-Taylor expansion for process 3 as Euler-Maruyama approximation converges with strong order 0. It is clear that weak order of convergence is greater than strong order of convergence in the Euler-Maruyama method.

The other numerical approximation method for the SDE is Milstein method. If we truncate the stochastic Taylor series after second order terms, we obtain the Milstein method as follows:. Milstein approximation converges with strong order 1. So, clearly, our nonlinear SDE is said to have multiplicative noise as the diffusion vector field depends multiplicatively on the solution [ 18 ].

Xmilstein keeps Milstein approximations, which is plotted as red straight lines. In this paper we have studied the Euler and Milstein schemes which are obtained from the truncated Ito-Taylor expansion already proposed in [ 7 ]. Then we implemented these schemes to a nonlinear stochastic differential equation for comparing the EM and Milstein methods to each other while illustrating efficiency. Moreover, we calculated estimation values for Euler-Maruyama and Milstein methods so as to analyze similarities between the exact solution and numerical approximations. According to our results, we can say that when the discretization value N is increasing, numerical solutions achieved from Euler-Maruyama and Milstein schemes are close to exact solution, and our results in the tables show that the Milstein method is more effective than the Euler-Maruyama method.

Bayram, M: Automatic analysis of the control of metabolic networks. Guzel, N, Bayram, M: Numerical solution of differential-algebraic equations with index Mathematical Modelling: Theory and Applications, vol.

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Maruyama, G: Continuous Markov processes and stochastic equations. Palermo 4 1 , Milstein, G: Approximate integration of stochastic differential equations.